Powerful segmentation for targeted messaging

Send match announcements to all your supporters, or an exclusive discount offer to members of more than 5 years who live in a particular city and are aged between 35 and 55. Cardskipper’s segmentation tool gives you full control over which members you communicate with.

Add your entire organisation

You can include everyone in your club or organisation, no matter how it is structured. From the boardroom to the shop floor, global HQ to local office, coaches to players even seniors to juniors, any grouping is possible.

An illustration depicting member registration

Online member registration speeds up onboarding

New members can sign up to join your club quickly and efficiently via a dedicated online registration form, avoiding the need for paperwork and data entry.

Effortless renewals and membership payments

Cardskipper makes joining and renewal processes a breeze with in-app membership fee payments and renewal reminders that are automatically sent to members.

Effortless renewals
Sell tickets and merchandise

Sell tickets and merchandise

Take advantage of Cardskipper’s in-app e-commerce feature to sell items like event tickets and merchandise to remove the need for standalone e-commerce solutions, manual order processing and cash payments.

Keep your data in sync across multiple systems

CSV data imports and exports are available as standard with custom API integrations available where required.

Keep your data in sync

Cardskipper has helped minimise the administration and cost of distributing license cards. As a bonus, we no longer have to deal with lost cards and as soon as a license expires it can no longer be used.

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Swedish Football Association

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