Pontuz Exclusive – a branded app from Pontus Löfgren

Pontuz Exclusive in the Cardskipper app

Pontuz Löfgren recently joined Cardskipper.
We got an interview with their MD, Mirata Dani.

Who are you and in which industry do you operate?
Pontuz Löfgren AB is a real estate agency in Kalmar.
How did you get in touch with Cardskipper?
Our marketing agency told us about you.
In what way do you intend to use Cardskipper?
We used to issue plastic cards to customers. The card gave them exclusive offers from our partners. In order to reach our customers (with offers and events) in a faster and simpler way, a digital solution was the way to go.
What type of members do you have?
All our buyers and sellers get access to the Pontuz Exclusive “app”.
You have communicated offers from your partners, has it been received well?
Our partners are really satisfied with the possibility of tracking and managing consumptions

Real estate is a new industry for Cardskipper, and it’s always fun with new collaborations.
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