Gryts Varv boat club – gather all member management

Gryts Varv boat club has recently joined the Cardskipper family. We got an interview with the boat club’s Niklas Åhlén.

How did you find Cardskipper?
– We found your site online and saw that Norrköping municipality used Cardskipper for its digital gift cards during the summer.

Why did you choose Cardskipper?
– We chose Cardskipper because it seemed to be the nicest and most suitable solution for us.

How has your membership management looked like in the past?
– In the past, we have had a manual membership register in Excel, which includes sending e-mails from a mailing list and also sending physical membership cards by post and membership fees.

What do you consider to be the greatest benefit for your club in switching to a digital membership card?
– The greatest benefit having everything gathered in one place, a good way to communicate information and news to the members. We will also save money on member management for just a few mailings compared to postage and so on.

We are happy that Gryts Varv boat club has chosen Cardskipper as a supplier of digital membership cards. Switching to a digital membership solution has made it much easier for our customers.

If your organisation wants to know more about us you are more than welcome to contact us at Cardskipper!