More than just a digital membership card

Cardskipper is a real innovation in membership communication that brings benefits to everyone involved with your club or organisation.

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Save time and money.
Effortlessly send information direct to your members’ mobiles for free and avoid the cost of printing and sending traditional membership cards and direct mail.

An app people will want to keep.
Cardskipper simplifies the membership experience. It not only keeps members right up-to-date but allows them to redeem offers, store multiple membership cards, pay fees and buy merchandise.

Increase revenue and maximise value.
Offer partners and sponsors a new, highly effective and measurable way of reaching your members with product information and promotions.

How it works

How Cardskipper works - step 1

Add your organisation to Cardskipper’s portal and import your members’ details.

How Cardskipper works - step 2

Members are sent invites to download the Cardskipper app. Once registration is complete they automatically receive a digital membership card.

How Cardskipper works - step 3

Send news and offers in an instant and receive payments for tickets, events and membership fees.

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