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Reduce time-consuming administration

Cardskipper offers the possibility of a fully integrated, digital member database that can be administered via a powerful web-based CRM. This automates and simplifies membership management so that you get more time to focus on your core business.

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Organise your whole business

With Cardskipper’s powerful CRM you can organise members based on groups and roles, whether you are a local club or a global organisation.

It is possible to assign administrator rights on multiple levels and to segment your communication so that the right information reaches the right people – for example based on age category or other properties. This is an advantage that creates possibilities for all, from the sports club that wants to send out match reports, to the company that wants to reach out with special offers.

Import and integrate safely and effectively

In Cardskipper you can create a completely new membership database or import an existing one. The database gives you a quick overview and the possibility to communicate with members in an effective way.

We handle the personal information in your membership database completely in line with the EU’s general data protection regulation (GDPR). All members can at any time exercise their right by demanding access, correction or deletion of personal information.

Simple membership registration

Cardskipper makes it easy for new members to join your organisation via a simple online form.

Paperwork is reduced, which means more time for both the person responsible for membership management and the person looking to become a new member. What’s more, it is fast! After only a few clicks the person has his or her card and the organisation a new member. In Cardskipper you can also send out automatic reminders regarding membership extensions.

Increased possibilities for revenue

With the communication and in-app payment possibilities, you make it easier for members to both pay membership fees and to gain access to the latest offers.

Giving your partners the ability to communicate with your members is something that is ever-growing in importance, and can become a new source of income for your business.

Our customers

Cardskipper has revolutionised the way our members prove their membership and interact with our clubs. Cards can be issued rapidly and cheaply, eliminating labour-intensive, environmentally unfriendly plastic cards, associated postage costs and the inconvenience of lost or expired cards. In addition, the system allows us to communicate instantly with members wherever in the world they may be.

Simon Bennett / OGAE International

Cardskipper has helped minimise the administration and cost of distributing license cards. As a bonus, we no longer have to deal with lost cards and as soon as a license expires it can no longer be used.

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Swedish Football Association

Thanks to Cardskipper, we save five Swedish kronor per member every year. These cost savings will allow us to further develop our business.

Olof Östblom / Director of Sports, Swedish Ice Hockey Association

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Get in touch with us

Learn how Cardskipper can improve member communication while reducing costs and increasing revenue. For more information or a demo of our digital membership platform simply complete the contact form and we’ll soon be in touch.


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    *You will be sent an invite for a demo card that will give you the opportunity to find out how the app could look and feel from a member’s perspective.


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