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Build stronger relationships

With a digital membership management platform such as Cardskipper, you can create greater value for your member community and new communication possibilities for all types of associations, clubs and organisations. Cardskipper Community also offers a fully digital, streamlined member management system.


Physical membership cards are both a hassle as well as an aged type of product. A digital membership card gets rid of the hassle of using plastic cards while also offering the possibility to communicate with members, hence increasing their engagement. With Cardskipper’s app you can send out news, reminders and personalised messages. In addition, why not offer the possibility to buy a membership or pay for events or other products and services directly via the app?

Digital membership cards


Cardskipper gives you the possibility of integrating your existing membership registry or creating a brand new one through our easy-to-use CRM system. Here you can manage membership registrations and fee payments completely online. Reminders can also be sent out to members automatically, reducing time-consuming administration.


How can Cardskipper simplify your membership management?

Cardskipper is an app for digital membership cards and membership management. We are proud to have helped over 600 associations and organizations in more than 50 countries communicate with their members. With our app, you can easily simplify membership management and take the step into the future with digital membership cards.

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A chain of benefits

Cardskipper Community is a complete solution that creates value all the way from administration to the individual member. Moreover, it strengthens the relationship between your partners and sponsors.


Save time and money

Make administration more cost-effective while reducing your environmental footprint. With Cardskipper you substitute costly physical membership cards for one simple digital solution which lets you communicate freely with your members.


Create value and increase revenue

As a partner or sponsor of an organisation you can easily send out offerings or news through Cardskipper. You can also receive feedback through the app for clearer insights into how things such as offers are received.


Multiple memberships in one app

Cardskipper’s app is always with you. As a member you can keep yourself updated, receive offers and news from your club or organisation with ease. In the app you can also simply manage multiple memberships and fee payments, such as for the whole family.

Want to test how the app works?

With our demo, you have the chance to test functions both as an administrator and as a member. We can also check how your existing membership register can be integrated with Cardskipper.

Get started

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Learn how Cardskipper can improve member communication while reducing costs and increasing revenue. For more information or a demo of our digital membership platform simply complete the contact form and we’ll soon be in touch.


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    Send me a demo card*

    *You will be sent an invite for a demo card that will give you the opportunity to find out how the app could look and feel from a member’s perspective.


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