Personal messages

Via the app you have the opportunity to communicate about everything you need. Cardskipper includes a tool where you can select who gets the information. This may include giving an age category or people in a specific district certain types of messages. You can even send match reports to supporters or call a certain group of members for an event or gathering. By sending messages addressed to the exact members you want to talk to, you hit the right person at the right time. That’s a solid foundation for increased commitment.

Customized communication

All associations, clubs or organizations have a unique personality. You decide which categories to assign to the app so that it looks the same for all members. You use your own colors, logos and other graphic elements to design the membership cards. It gives a family-friendly feeling that appeals to the members.

A light push

Push notifications are an effective way to increase commitment to membership. Cardskipper gives your members the opportunity to receive push notifications to alert that the app is updated with new information. These types of messages allow you to reach more people quickly, compared to social media contact. Each member can easily deactivate the push notifications if they wish.

Cardskipper has helped minimise the administration and cost of distributing license cards. As a bonus, we no longer have to deal with lost cards and as soon as a license expires it can no longer be used.

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