Digital mailings

Do you handle a lot of paperwork? Cardskipper is a step towards paper-free administration that saves both money and reduces environmental impact. Since the membership cards are completely digital, the club, association or organization will never have to send out lost plastic cards again.

Membership fees on time

With automated reminders the club, association or organization receives the revenue for membership fees on time. No one needs to spend resources on sending reminders by mail. It’s good for the environment and it also saves money, which of course benefits the club, association or organization.

Promoting sponsorships

A membership should give something extra. By fronting offers from sponsors and partners on the app you give your collaborators effective exposure. As a result, it provides income to everyone involved. If members buy your offers, you support your partners while providing kickback to the club. If you want something to appear a little extra, you can add a push notification that displays the current offer.

Free messages

The app offers unlimited messages to any number of people, for free. It doesn’t matter how many members you are. Members receive more relevant information and if you use SMS and e-mail today you will reduce costs. Compared to e-mails, which are often deleted or placed deep in the mailbox, members get their unique offers gathered in one place, which increases the reading rate.

Effortless renewals

Convenient payment solution

Cardskipper offers a payment solution where you as a club, association or organization can sell your own goods, event tickets, equipment or other things directly via the app. Cash handling disappears and your sales and order systems are fully integrated with each other. The app is a convenient way to manage cash and it also gives you a chance to generate extra income in addition to membership fees.

100% GDPR compliance

We handle the personal data in your member register in full compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We store all data in order to manage the membership register and we care about the privacy of your members. They can feel confident that the level of protection is high and that we do not disclose information to third parties. All members may exercise their rights at any time by requesting access to, rectification or deletion of personal data.

Cardskipper has helped minimise the administration and cost of distributing license cards. As a bonus, we no longer have to deal with lost cards and as soon as a license expires it can no longer be used.

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