More effective membership management

By importing all member information into our membership system you create a digital membership register. The register gives you a quick overview and the opportunity to communicate effectively with your members. Cardskipper makes it more than easy to manage each unique membership.

Organize your entire business

Cardskipper allows you to easily distribute and structure the roles of the club, association or organization. You can assign administrative rights to multiple people who easily work together to keep the app work smoothly. You can include and group all members – old and young to the global headquarters and workers on the floor, head coaches to players. This structuring model will simplify and facilitate the entire work of the organization.

Automation for a smoother everyday life

Sending payment requests, posting membership cards, recalling lectures and seminars, inviting members to register for events. Sometimes, all the things that need to be done in a club, association or organization will be easily forgotten. Cardskipper offers an automated service that handles everything automatically. All you have to do is decide when to activate these reminders. Can you find smoother and easier system?

The convenience of payment solutions

Cardskipper’s simple and convenient payment service allows members to pay membership fees, tickets, events and other fees via the app. Both in-app sales and payments offer completely secure transactions and support multiple currencies. A secure payment solution that simplifies all financial issues.

Effortless renewals

Cardskipper has helped minimise the administration and cost of distributing license cards. As a bonus, we no longer have to deal with lost cards and as soon as a license expires it can no longer be used.

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