Jasmine- our colleague in U.K

Jasmine Phillips at Cardskipper in United Kingdom

Since november 2021, Jasmine Phillips has been a part of our Cardskipper crew. We asked her som questions to get to know her better and how she works towards the U.K market.

How do you work towards the U.K market
We approach the UK market with various, strategic methods. This includes personalised email communications with a PDF visual aid attached, then followed up by a phone call from one of our telemarketers. We start the process this way around to make the call warmer as the recipient will already be familiar with the Cardskipper brand from the first email.
We B.A.N.T qualify to establish if they currently require our digital app. If they do have a need, we always keep regular contact and follow-up to keep us fresh in their minds. We always offer a demo of the app from one of our team of experts as this always wow’s customers to see how they could benefit from using the app. It allows them to see how time saving and cost efficient a digital membership card is.
We also use Social Media platforms such as LinkedIn to not only generate posts to increase brand awareness but also reach out to target people who we believe would benefit from the Cardskipper app for their company.

What benefits does the UK market see with Cardskipper?
At the moment, there is a huge opportunity for Cardskipper within the UK across multiple sectors. As the economic world recovers from Covid, we are finding that theatre companies are looking to revamp and impress their members. Many theatre companies are looking to not only find new ways of keeping in touch with their current members but are looking to attract more. Offering a digital app solution is bringing theatre companies into the digital age. Alongside the possibilities of having membership barcodes and the option to have in-app purchases, another massive appeal is the fact of not having to issue plastic cards, reducing a company’s carbon footprint. After the recent heatwaves and droughts that the UK has been experiencing over the summer, companies are realising the importance of reducing the use of plastic.
Your biggest challenge on the market?
At this time, the biggest challenge in the UK market is the cost of living crisis and also the impact that Covid has had on businesses. These two reasons give companies a strong mind to save money where ever possible at the time. What we advise customers is that this crisis will pass and people will want to keep their memberships running. To entice them to do this, keeping in regular communication with them is vital. This is where Carskipper comes in. We offer the perfect way to stay directly in your members’ pocket, making them feel proud and appreciated to be a member of that organisation.
How far have you come with digitization in the U.K
Historical U.K started out quite a traditional orientated, pen, paper and face to face conversations. Over the years growing and witnessing the brilliance of innovative technology we soon knew that we have to be rightfully equipped and modernise, not only to keep up with demand, but to synchronise our communications. Digitisation has completely transformed every aspect of what we have done and will continue to for the foreseeable future.
What does the plan look like going forward for Cardskipper in the English market?
It is key for us to continuously follow up with our UK leads. This is because there are multiple decision-makers throughout a company, and the final say does not fall to one person within a company. We want to offer the best support and customer service and to have the ability to be there for not just only our current customers, but for potential customers as well is important for us. We want to show companies how they can shine with Cardskipper and are happy to offer demos to give a true visual of how we can help.
We are passionate about what we do and understand the importance of members to a company.

As we earlier mentioned UK is a priority market for Cardskipper. Are you interested in digitizing your organization?
Pleas contact Cardskipper, we will be ahppy to assist your organisation with a needs analysis.Jasmine- our colleague in U.K