Emergency Assist 991 Botswana enters the digital world with Cardskipper

In addition to launching Cardskipper on a larger scale in Africa, EA 991 is another interesting segment for the Cardskipper service. This draws attention to the various organisations which benefit from our solution and we are extremely happy to welcome EA991 on board.

Emergency Assist 991 Botswana is an organization which offers fully integrated and world-class roadside assistance services, call centre assistance services, pre-hospital emergency medical assistance, medical evacuation by road or air transportation as well as offering Accredited Driver Training and First Aid Courses. They are also involved and instrumental in Road Safety Campaigns in Botswana.

“Emergency Assist 991 currently has a client base comprised of individuals and group coverage i.e. medical aid, insurance companies, financial institutions and private organisations. We were looking for an affordable solution that would not only allow us to replace our plastic membership card, but also for a CRM and communication tool that would allow us the ability of effectively engaging and communicating news, updates and our reward benefit programme to our members. We have only just launched the digital membership card but we are confident that the Cardskipper solution will meet our objectives.”

Simon Modisaemang, Managing Director, Emergency Assist 991, Botswana.