Swedish Hunting Association goes digital

Membership card of the hunters' association

The Swedish Hunting Association has started a digitization process. A digital membership card is one step closer.

Earlier this year one of our largest clients, the Swedish Hunting Association with its 158 000 members, joined Cardskipper. We recently took a trip to their offices in beautiful Öster Malma and took the opportunity to ask a few questions about the digitalization process and why they chose Cardskipper.

Answering our questions were Christina Andersson, Membership Manager, and Caroline Svärd, Membership Administrator at The Swedish Hunting Association.

Can you tell us more about the process?

“Sustainability is something we value high and today it doesn’t make sense sending out physical membership cards. We realised that we had to start somewhere. And digital membership cards is a good step on our way forward.”

Why Cardskipper?

“We heard about Cardskipper and contacted the sales team. They set up a demo account so that we could see the app and the design of membership card. The feeling was good right away and we decided pretty quickly to proceed.”

Has it been complicated?

“Not at all, once we decided it all went smoothly. Of course it could be a readjustment for some of our members but overall it has been well received. The Cardskipper support team was well prepared to help us out as well as the support team at Swedish Hunting Association. At first we had pretty close contact to see that everything went smooth.”

Anything you wish to say to other organisations that are considering digitizing their membership management?

“Yes, just do it! It’s worth it.

We are so glad that we had the courage to choose a digital membership card. The benefits are many, time-saving, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable. It feels so good since it has been that well received by our members. We can really recommend Cardskipper to other organisations.”

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